Business litigation

Business litigation

Do you need to take legal action? Or are you on the receiving end of a legal action against you? Our firm has experience with multiple forms of litigation and dispute resolution. With our network of Of Counsel attorneys, we have over 100 years of legal and business experience.

Litigation can come in many forms. Our firm has the expertise to educate and train you on what to expect. We will review your case, draft any pleadings necessary, counsel you through the discovery process, manage pre-trial tasks, present your case in trial, then review any settlement or appeals opportunities that result from trial.

Our firm has expertise in dealing with:

  • ADR & Mediation
  • State & Federal Courts Litigation
  • State & Federal Litigation & Arbitration (A.A.A.)
  • International Commercial & Arbitration (I.C.C.)
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation
  • International Divorces

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