The Law Firm of Alexandre Ballerini is known for being a modern multi-lingual law firm uniquely positioned to personalize the client experience.

We provide our clients multiple options to both receive our services either in person or remotely and to pay fairly for services rendered.

Our firm is built upon 5 main pillars:

1. Fair Billing

Our mission is to always balance the cost of our representation with the outcome of the matter. In the process, we maintain a pulse on costs and share full transparency along the way so there are no surprises.

2. Technology

We have invested heavily in our technology infrastructure to provide the most secure, efficient and easy to use tools to compliment your experience with our firm. These include the latest software solutions in legal, title & settlement and communication. We pride ourselves on being paperless delivering an environmentally safe practice of operations.

3. Location Scalability

One way we have applied a modern approach to cost containment is through our location scalability practice. We have offices in Miami, New York, Washington DC and Paris, France that are able to ramp up in balance with specific demand and needs. Each office is equipped with high tech smart technology, a front desk, and office management to provide the best personalized in office experience we can deliver.

4. Network of Counsel Attorneys

Instead of high overhead with a fixed payroll which results in expensive legal fees, our firm operates in an agile approach only using legal resources as needed to keep legal fees for our clients as low as possible. We do this by maintaining a network of experienced “Of Counsel” attorneys and contract paralegals.

Every attorney and paralegal in our network is an entrepreneur vested in the outcome of the transaction or case. This enables them to stay focused on billing only what is necessary instead of worrying about meeting minimum billing requirements which typically increase the cost of the representation unjustifiably.

Each “Of Counsel” attorney is carefully selected based on their expertise of the specific matter, engaged as needed and carries the cost of his or her paralegal. They are experts in their subject matter which mitigates

5. Memberships, Certifications & Licenses

  • Insight Secured – Data Privacy & Information Security
  • Licensed and Approved by:
    • Fidelity National Title
    • North American Title Insurance Company
    • The Fund and Old Republic
  • Avvo 5 Star Rated Attorney
  • Trustee Member of the French American Chamber of Commerce of Florida
  • Member of the DRT Alliance
  • Of Counsel to Diaz Reus Targ, LLP
  • Licensed and in good standing with:
    • The America Land Title Association
    • The Department of Financial Services