Of Counsel Attorneys

Network of Independent of Counsel Attorneys

The law firm of Alexandre Ballerini has strategic alliances with a number of law firms in Miami, New York, Paris & Rome. We offer our international clients local, international & and cross national business and legal solutions.

We understand that in every transactions, international investors need to factor in the ramifications of each decision in each jurisdiction and under each fiscal regime in their decision making process. In every dispute particularly foreign clients need to be able to rely on local counsel with local expertise.

When we do not handle the matter in house we coordinate the transaction or legal proceedings with local counsel and experts for our clients in a co-counsel or of counsel capacity.

Through our network of strategic alliances we expand the areas of practice we offer our clients to: Immigration, IP, Employment, Family Law, Probate, Federal Court Litigation, International Court Disputes, Arbitration and International Arbitration.

For Real Estate transactions the firm also works hand in hand with third party providers like: Appraisers, Accountants, 1031 Exchange Agents, Underwriters, Lenders, and Realtors.